Class Rules

  1. Every student is expected to dial-in into the session at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. This will allow the host to admit everyone and start the class on time.

  2. Every student should remain on mute. They should unmute when asked to by the host.

  3. Please notify at least 2 hours prior if the student is unable to make it to the class. This will avoid any unnecessary waiting time.

  4. Every student should be properly dressed and seated.

  5. Avoid eating & drinking during the class. (Example: Sitting on a rocking chair)

  6. Video should be turned ON throughout the class.

  7. Students who are part of Ekapadi Gokulam class, should have their parents by them throughout the class

  8. Sloka Material & Assignments

    • Every student is added to a Google Classroom through the email address provided during registration.

    • Sloka material will be shared through this classroom.

    • Homework will be assigned through this classroom. You will need to upload a copy of you written homework (Click Here to see written homework example - This includes both the sloka and its meaning), a video recording of the student chanting the sloka and the coloring page.

    • Feedback for the homework submitted will be posted in the classroom. If there are any corrections suggested in the feedback then the recording might have to be resubmitted with the corrections if requested.

    • It is suggested all of the student's work and feedback provided by the teacher should be stored in your personal folders for future use. These will be deleted from the classroom after the completion of a particular sloka

  9. Certificates will be provided for every sloka for 100% attendance and completion of homework on time.

  10. Classes are conducted virtually via Google Meet or Zoom. The meeting links aren't supposed to be shared with your friends & family. Screen names when you join the class should reflect the children' names.