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Very knowledgeable classes - Venkatram (USA)

Very knowledgeable classes and Shreshta has tons of patience and does great job educating kids with slokas. Extremely happy to be associated with this class.

His confidence to learn complicated knowledge improved

She has learned correct prounciation - Madhavi (India)

She has learned correct prounciation and also her observation power has increased while reading

Increase in her memory power and keen observation

Shresta is so nice and have lot of patience to teach the kids - Ramya (USA)

Shresta is so nice and have lot of patience to teach the kids and the parents are soo supportive, and are blessed to have that kind of very well behaved and matured kids. With this classes I too learned some stories of our dharma.


1. Nice to know which mantra will be taught in next class, may be a day before.

2. Kids Progress chart

Enjoying how nicely my son is saying Slokha’s and perfectly. As a parent we were been accepting some mispronouncation if any difficult word and also I corrected some words that I was pronouncing. Thank you Shresta. Thank you so much to Vishnu garu and Surya garu.

The course content and structure is really good. Please continue to do the same - Sivaranjani (USA)

Shresta Slokha Class is one of the best thing happened to my kid. The teaching and the course structure is very professional. My kid has successfully learnt many slokhas and is showing interest to learn more. This was my prime intention at the beginning of the class and it is accomplished. I want to continue to be associated to Shresta Slokha class and my kid is really benefited by this class Please keep up the good work.

I would recommend this class to everyone I know. Hats off to Shrestha and her parents.

My Kid is showing lot of interest in learning more slokhas. He is curious about the meaning and what it teaches. He is gaining interest in Hindu mythology and Indian culture.

Really appreciate your efforts - Phaneeswari (Ekapadi USA)

First of all thanks a lot for your time and feedback andi. Rianshi improved her pronunciation a lot. Can’t express my happiness when she first pronounced ‘ra’. She keeps on chanting mantras and she is teaching mantras to her little brother too. Really appreciate your efforts andi. No words 🙏

It's a great opportunity for kids - Priyanka (Ekapadi USA)

It’s a great opportunity for kids . It’s like turning points for kids development.

My kid learned so much from this Shresta Sloka Class - Asha (Ekapadi USA)

My kid learned so much from this shresta sloka class, not only knowledge , discipline also. Shresta is a beautiful guru for all age groups. Though she is small but she teaches like pro. Thank you Shresta and family for your kind service. God bless you all.

Kids learn from other kids so fast and there is lot to learn from Shresta. - Keerthi (USA)

Shresta is very nice and sweet girl. The way she teaches and handles the class is so good. Very punctual in time. She gives feedback for every Sloka so patiently. Danush enjoys the class. Kids learn from other kids so fast and there is lot to learn from Shresta. God bless you Shresta with lots of health , happiness and wealth. Have a wonderful future. When ever free time danush use to sing slokas by him self.

Students are applying the slokas in daily life - Rekha & Vidyasagar Rajender (India)

Namaste, first of all I thank you Parents of Shresta for providing this precious opportunity for teaching the slokas. Hats off to Sastry Garu and Suryashree. Coming to teaching of Shresta, she is fabulous. Her way of teaching is awesome. She knows very well how to handle the student. Thanks shersta for teaching India and US students slokas.

Thank u so much for providing this facility - Annapurna Rajender (India)

We are happy with teaching of Slokas by Shresta . She is an inspiration for the students, they learnt very happily. All credit goes to Shresta, and her parents. Thank u so much for providing this facility. Thank you.

The students applying slokas in everyday life.

Thanks a lot, Shresta Amma .... for your great efforts - Vijayanand (India)

First of all, Shresta Bangaram “You are a wonder kid and the BEST TEACHER. Under your training (Sloka Shresta class) Sreyansh learned lot and improved lot in verticals like Behavior, group decisions and got very good grip in SLOKAS.” Thanks a lot, Shresta Amma .... for your great efforts to teach the Slokas to all the kids. God bless you with good health and great success in your life.

Sreyansh improved discipline.

Avya is always so excited and ready for Shresta’s Slokam class - Deepthi (USA)

Avya is always so excited and ready for Shresta’s slokam class when compared to any other classes. And if I ask to do homework, she does it on her own without giving a break 😀. And she comes out of the class with so much energy every time. Thank you for giving us a chance to participate in this great opportunity for not just learning slokas but kids are learning a lot along with slokam like learning stories behind the slokam and meaning of slokam and learning discipline and helping other kids to teach. If I keep on saying there is no stop, that’s how much I personally experienced. Thank you Shresta and family for making this kind of great opportunity available for others and making it wonderful journey. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 We are sincerely thankful and happy to be part of it.

In pandemic I thought online classes would be a big Challenging for any kid, personally for Avya, Shresta slokam classes provided So many aspects of knowledge along with learning slokam, how to behave in virtual classes, and her way of pronouncing Telugu words increased with more clarity.

Shresta's classes are helping lot of kids - Vishali (USA)

Shresta’s classes are helping lot of kids, especially my Daughter Aadhya (6 Years). We always wished that she learn slokas, with these classes she is so interested and is always looking forward to the class. Shresta is very detailed oriented and makes sure that kids learn the slokas in a fun and joyful way.

Shresta is very organized when it comes to conducting the course and also the home work. She reviews the homework and always provides constructive feedback. She always start her review with the positive comments she notices and then goes on to the improvements. She also provides certificates to keep the kids motivated and this bring a sense of achievement to the kids as well. This course is very well organized and we recognize the efforts Shresta and her parents put in every week.

Shresta demonstrates amazing communicational and organizational skills at a very young age which is very inspirational to kids and adults as well. Kids in the class are learning slokas and also learning these skills Shresta demonstrate.

I would also appreciate Shresta’s parents on the efforts they have put in her upbringing and also helping her to conduct these sessions which are helping the kids and also helping our community. She is giving back to the community at such an early age is very impressive. God bless her with all the happiness and joy in her life. I wish her a great future and we are sure we will see her on top of everything she does.

We Noticed clarity in uttering Telugu words, improvement in hand writing and drastic zeal to learn more sloka’s

Helped my Kids to overcome shyness, to be confident - Prameela (USA)

Shresta is a good teacher. I wonder to see her teaching skills and the way she leads the class with little kids was awesome. She has a beautiful philosophy of teaching. This sloka class empower the students with quality learning. My children learnt so many skills along with perfect pronunciation of slokas. They learnt about the facts, morals, to be confident. She don’t compromise with the pronunciation. Very punctual, well organized class schedule, flexible and not the least very sensitive towards the kids. My kids enjoy to learn without a word. Thanks to Shresta’s parents for giving us this spiritual platform!!

Since during the class we have teacher game and practice sessions etc., which will lead by the students who are learning, this helped my Kids to overcome shyness, to be confident, improved self awareness and presentation skills.

Regarding Assignment - Thanks to your family for giving this opportunity. Though Tanu (5 Yrs Old) don’t know about slides and etc., she was with her brother and did together color picking and text font etc. Its really creative fun activity for kids. They learnt lot and enjoyed while doing to present best to impress their teacher😊👏🏻 And Tanu did good practice than her routine since she learnt from her brother. Whatever they presented it’s all because of your inspiration and motivation Thank you again 🙏🏻

She invests time in correcting the homework and gives feedback for every shloka - Shilpa (USA)

Shresta is an amazing kid(teacher) with great teaching skills and beautiful voice. She attracts the kids and makes sure the student gets perfect ucharana. She entertains the students by narrating stories and gives details about the shloka and so that kids learn it fast and know the meaning. She invests time in correcting the homework and gives feedback for every shloka. Never seen a kid with such a dedication and talent for this age.

Even though Charith ( knows the shlokas he was not good at ucharana. After attending the classes his ucharana of the shlokas improved and trying to understand the meaning.

Enjoyed the class very much - Sunitha (USA)

Sahasra (7 Yrs) enjoyed learning Slokha. This is her first sloka class and very proud that she learned a lot in few months. All credits goes to shresta. I like the way she carried the class and making kids teaching in their comfort zone . Thank you so much shresta .

Enjoying in learning new slokhas - Santhi (USA)

Lots of improvement in learning slokhas for Hruthika (8 Yrs).

Shresta has been a wonderful teacher - Bhargavi (USA)

Shresta has been a wonderful teacher and created a genuine interest in kids towards learning slokas, knowing about hindu festivals, hindu gods and many other things. The rules set in the class helped kids understand the importance of discipline and consistent learning. We are truly grateful to be a part of Shresta's Sloka School and look forward to learn many more from her. Thank you for everything that you guys do for the little ones.

We saw a tremendous difference in the following areas:

1. An incredible improvement in pronunciation of specific sounds in Telugu. (Earlier siddhi and shreya had difficulty pronouncing and switch to English)

2. A keen interest in kids celebrating and being a part of indian festivals. (Earlier they used to sit with us but couldn't relate much to the importance of that festival/god)

3.They started chanting the Slokam's in front of the god everyday and we couldn't ask for more :)

Shresta comes very prepared for the class - Ashwini (USA)

Shresta comes very prepared for the class and ensures the students learn the slokas with correct compromise on that. She is very patient with her students and very thorough with her review and feedback during class and with the homework.

The class structure, class rules, homework and assignments all help the students to not only learn the slokas but also other skills that build a child's confidence tremendously.

As a parent i can see a huge difference my daughter's social skills, communication and confidence. It helped her a lot to also prep for online learning that will help thru her school year as well.

Thank you Shreata for being such a wonderful teacher and friend.

Increased Laasya's (6 Yrs) social skills, communication, participation, and confidence. New interest in tools such as PowerPoint presentations.

An eye-opener to parents to see what our kids are capable of and an opportunity to support their learning.

Sarah always enjoy shresta’s class - Shanthi (USA)

Sarah (6 Yrs) always enjoy shresta’s class 😊

I love your classes and homework rules.

I see vast improvement in her handwriting and pronunciations too.

Thank you so much for your selfless efforts and time 🙏

Shresta have very good teaching skills - Mokshi (USA)

Shresta have very good teaching skills and she knows how to handle younger kids and make them learn . And she have very beautiful voice . Varshika learned written skills by writing sloka and meaning with beautiful handwriting. We look forward to work with shresta and family. Thank you from varshika family. And my 3 years old girl also learned and showed interest on slokas. 🙏🙏🙏

Everything going smooth and no complaints. One small request, when ever a kid miss the class and have option for the same class again it’s good to allow them to next class. I agree to give headsup for the obsense but something’s come unexpectedly And we should really consider. Being very strict is very good for growing kids with minimal considerations. Thank you 🙏

Great class and learning experience for kids - Jyoshna (USA)

Great class and learning experience for kids. Initially, kids struggled with writing but they got better with each shloka. Shreshta is a passionate and knowledgeable about the shloka that she teaches. Appreciate her patience and time in teaching little kids. Best of luck for her future endeavors.

I observed that Nithya and Nidhi were more interested in class when they were in small group. Although I know it’s hard, just sharing my observation. This is really Great start and service to community.

The homework rules are very good - Priyanka (USA)

Shresta is an amazing and wonderful teacher and has beautiful voice and teaching to the kids slokas with correct pronunciation. If the kid says pronunciation wrong, she keeps practicing with kid until she gets the correct pronunciation. Hats off to your patience shresta 🙏

The homework rules are very good and they are learning the slokas perfectly without mistakes and improving writing skills..

Providing Feedback to the students once homework submitted it was amazing and encouragement for them.

Giving certificate to student for their learning they feel proud too and creating enthusiasm to learn more slokas. Thanks shresta and family for really great efforts🙏

Practice classes also helping them learn perfectly and improving their confidence...

Tanvi (6 Yrs Old) shows lot of interest and is excited for shresta class to learn new things and improve her pronunciation, writing skills and reading skills ...

The name shresta meaning is best and beautiful, you really proving that you are the best teacher and best brilliant girl.

Keep learning and keep sharing your knowledge ..Thanks a lot ma all your selfless efforts and time 🙏🙏🙏